The Amazing Twin Flame Journey [8 Twin Flame Stages] - Psychic Artist

The Amazing Twin Flame Journey [8 Twin Flame Stages]

The Amazing Twin Flame Journey [8 Twin Flame Stages]

There is a difference between a Twin Flame Connection and a Soul Mate Connection. The Twin Flame Connection can be defined as two halves of a single soul in two physical bodies. The Twin Flame Journey is based on balancing all karma from all previous life together. It is also referred to as the endurance of Spirit. The commandment of souls is required to undertake this journey. There are a lot of challenges for the souls where they start moving on the journey path. The Spirit within a soul is always aware of these challenges.

The phenomenon of Twin Flame Connection highlights that the souls do call one another and a force of pull exists between different souls. The souls pull the physical bodies of each twin towards each other due to a flux. In most cases, one twin has more spiritual awareness as compared to its counterpart. It is also known as the chaser. Females are chasers in most cases while males usually run most of the time. However, it is impossible to run away from yourself. The whole universe makes the necessary preparation for bringing twins together.

There is always been an energetic connection between the twins. They meet each other and spend time together when their physical bodies sleep. They help and love each other to raise the vibrations and meet each other physically. The energy of the connection always increases with the passage of time but it cannot be felt until the establishment of a physical connection.

There is one major difficulty in the way of Twin Flame Journey. The universe does not work as our clocks and calendar work. Thirty or forty years is a very small time in the sense of the universe. Universe considers twenty or thirty-year mere seconds or minutes. There are various people who reunite with each other after thirty or forty years. The twin reunion is about romantic physical love between the souls in most cases. It also has huge importance in the spiritual world where unconditional love exists between the souls.

It is a special moment when someone meets a twin flame. The reunion is just the beginning of a new part of your life. Everyone has to go through a process to meet a twin flame. Different people reach the stages of the twin flame journey at different speeds. However, everyone passes through these stages to reach the ultimate moment.

8 Major Twin Flame Stages

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